23 august, 2006

WOW! Am I spoiled or what????

Just look what my KSK-pal Ruth sent me!!!

First picture: From left to right, needles with holder (I just love that kind of needles, don't know if I can get them here), goodies for my little guinea pigs (who are VERY happy at the moment), goodies for me (I'm saving them for now, they look jummy but I can't stay up eating candy when I have a 8am lecture tomorrow morning!). The green thing is a tape measure (love it, sooo cute), and on top of it is 15cm needles size 2,25 (I don't have needles in 1/4 sizes so I'm so happy!), there's stitchmarkers in the little bag and in front there's lovely wooden (handmade!!!!) needles with little owls on top... look how cute they are....

Second picture: The lovely bag (which you can read more about over at Ruth), love both the yarn and pattern, and I have Koigu which I've only read about in overseas blogs... love the feel of it, can I really knit socks in this yarn??? just LOOK at the colors!!!!
Oh, and the beaded needles kinda sneaked into the picture again!

and a third picture, tried to take a picture of the little owls on the needles, but my camera wouldn't cooperate...

Thank you SO much Ruth!!!! Now I just hope my KSK-pal gets her kit soon... It was sent a few days BEFORE I was told my kit was on its way!

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Ruth sa...

You're so welcome! I'm thrilled that you like everything ... I had so much fun pulling the package together.