23 august, 2006

Lano & Sunlight

And here are the little piggys which is now happily chewing away on their goodies from my KSK-bag!

Lano: Is a grey and white guinea pig with REALLY long fur... I have to cut it so it doesn't get too long and really tangelled up... She's very cute, only about 10months old! I got her when my oldest piggy died in november. She's also the smartest of the two, she really knows how to get my attention and let me know EXACTLY what she wants! You could say I've been trained to be a good owner\servant.

Sunligh: Is a "rosett" guinea pig (don't know what it's really called in english), she has fur going in literally all directions. She's white, brown and black, and LOVES her food... She's really lazy, and getting fat (I need ideas to get her moving), the only thing that really gets her going is FOOD and if I want her to move around a bit I give her a foodball (you know, one of those where you stick some goodies inside and the animal have to push it around and sometimes some food comes out of a hole).

2 kommentarer:

Ruth sa...

So cute! I'm glad they like their treat.

LilleBlå sa...

Åååå, der var de jo, marsvinene!
Skikkelig søte var de også!