29 august, 2006

Garnet mitt :)

I dag kom garnet mitt fra Uruguay, OG boka med tyrkiske sokkemønster... masse spennende!

Today I got my yarn from Uruguay, AND the book with turkish sock patterns... exciting!

From left to right, upper row:
Chana bc, Lime Blue lc, Rocha lc,Curacao LC

Lower row:
Huertas lc, Purple Gold LC

I have to admit I have to guess which was which of Lime Blue lc, Curacao LC and Huertas lc, but the other ones are correct!

23 august, 2006

Lano & Sunlight

And here are the little piggys which is now happily chewing away on their goodies from my KSK-bag!

Lano: Is a grey and white guinea pig with REALLY long fur... I have to cut it so it doesn't get too long and really tangelled up... She's very cute, only about 10months old! I got her when my oldest piggy died in november. She's also the smartest of the two, she really knows how to get my attention and let me know EXACTLY what she wants! You could say I've been trained to be a good owner\servant.

Sunligh: Is a "rosett" guinea pig (don't know what it's really called in english), she has fur going in literally all directions. She's white, brown and black, and LOVES her food... She's really lazy, and getting fat (I need ideas to get her moving), the only thing that really gets her going is FOOD and if I want her to move around a bit I give her a foodball (you know, one of those where you stick some goodies inside and the animal have to push it around and sometimes some food comes out of a hole).

WOW! Am I spoiled or what????

Just look what my KSK-pal Ruth sent me!!!

First picture: From left to right, needles with holder (I just love that kind of needles, don't know if I can get them here), goodies for my little guinea pigs (who are VERY happy at the moment), goodies for me (I'm saving them for now, they look jummy but I can't stay up eating candy when I have a 8am lecture tomorrow morning!). The green thing is a tape measure (love it, sooo cute), and on top of it is 15cm needles size 2,25 (I don't have needles in 1/4 sizes so I'm so happy!), there's stitchmarkers in the little bag and in front there's lovely wooden (handmade!!!!) needles with little owls on top... look how cute they are....

Second picture: The lovely bag (which you can read more about over at Ruth), love both the yarn and pattern, and I have Koigu which I've only read about in overseas blogs... love the feel of it, can I really knit socks in this yarn??? just LOOK at the colors!!!!
Oh, and the beaded needles kinda sneaked into the picture again!

and a third picture, tried to take a picture of the little owls on the needles, but my camera wouldn't cooperate...

Thank you SO much Ruth!!!! Now I just hope my KSK-pal gets her kit soon... It was sent a few days BEFORE I was told my kit was on its way!

20 august, 2006

KSK-sock pattern

I've knitted up a pair of sock with my measurements of the pattern I sent my KSK-swappal... Just tell me if you want more detailed pictures, these are taken with bad light and the yarn is very varigated, so you can't really se the pattern...

I made some changes... I knitted a (p1, k1) ribbing, I knitted the dividing stiches as (p1, k1, p1) and I didn't knit (sl1, k1) on the heelflap (I forgot, was knitting on the go and didn't have the pattern present)...
Changes I'd like to make
I'd really like the two stiches which end as (ssk, k2tog) to be cabeled on the knit-round, so you knit the ssk stitch before the k2tog stitch... ofcourse it's up to you if you want to or not, but I think it'd make it a more distinkt pattern!

More summer knitting

Dette er da mer av det jeg har strikket i sommer \\ This is more of what I've knitted this summer: (just click on the pictures to enlarge)

One berret, Topp T'Tå-yarn... Got the pattern from Hedvig's blog

Litt mer av hva jeg har gjort i sommer/more summer knitting

I've also knitted a Mia Shrug, this one was knitted on needles 6mm and 4,5mm with double cotton yarn, mandarin petit and another cotton yarn I had.

Let your imagination flow #3

Today we got the theme for "let your imagination flow #3"-KAL... It's the little prince, I'd never read this story before... I've just read it through and it made me a little sad... For my part it could have been called the little princess, it made my think of my little sister who sadly passed away many years ago! I remember my mothers story of how my little sister now lives on the northern star, and comes to visit every christmas...

I can't tell you what I'll make for the KAL, since it has to stay a secret until september 20th... Will show it then...

17 august, 2006

Dag 1. over...

Nå er jeg ganske så sliten, dag 1 på PPU i dag:P En dag med å være kreativ var uvant, særlig når den dagen begynte før 6 i dag morges (å komme seg på tvers av byen når man skal møte 0800 og bussene er beregna til å møte 0815.... *riste på hodet* Har nå vært her i mange timer i dag, og nå skal jeg på trening, bare få i meg litt mat først... Blir lite tid til hobby i dag og i morra skjønner jeg, har bare hatt kanskje 20min pause i løpet av dagen i dag!

I'm tired, started a new studyprogram today, doing a 1year teaching education on top of my master... It's hard when the busses doesn't correspond so you have to get up VERY early!

16 august, 2006

Page 123 book meme

I grabbed this from Iryl, if you've read this consider yourself tagged ;)

1. Grab the nearest book.

2. Open the book to page 123

3. Find the fifth sentence

4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.

5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

6. Tag whomever you want, or not.

Ok... since I'm selling a lot of old schoolbooks this year, I grabbed the one currently at the top of the pile, it's called Developing JAVA Software, so this might be interesting (it haven't been opened the last few years)... I'll skip the javacode and count sentences from where the text begins.

"The expressions array[0].length selects the first row of the 2D array and returns its length, given the number of columns to be added up (remember how 2D arrays are represented as an array of arrays). The expression array.length gives the number of rows. For this program, testing is a matter of checking the totals displayed against the argument array."

14 august, 2006

Tunesian crochet along


July (so far... and we're in august...)

Jeg har strikket i sommer!

Dette er et utvalg av hva som ble ferdig i løpet av sommeren... mer kommer, må bare feste noen tråder og strikke ferdig litt detaljer!

FBS i babyull jeg fikk av min HV på HB ;) mye forkortelser her. Pinne 5,5, 8 repetisjoner av lower basket.

Min curliecue, strikket i rubin superwash fra sparkjøp på pinne 4,5. Brukte 12 nøster og ca 1 meter av nøste nr 13... Ble litt over 120cm i diameter men jeg merker det vokser i bruk også!

Sokker i regia, måtte bruke litt av et annet nøste med litt annen fargekombinasjon men syns ikke det ble så alt for galt... Strikket av restegarn :) La opp 60 masker med 4 tråds regia på pinne 3,5 og de ble kjempebra, tror jeg må opp til den størrelsen på 4 tråds regia!

This is what I've been knitting this summer, details have been given in norwegian only.


I've finnished the bag, ready to send! It's sooooo cool! I knitted it as a giant sock and then finnished the shaping when it came out of the washingmachine!

GIANT sock, my feet are a norwegian size 37...

Sommeren er over....

Først et lite drømmebilde, mimrer litt her jeg sitter og ser på bilder fra i sommer!
A picture of my dreamplace, I love this beach and the area... How I want to go back home again!

12 august, 2006

Tilbake i by'n

Da er jeg tilbake i "storbyen" for nok et år, siste året mitt i Trondheim nå! Oppdatering med bilder av hva jeg har strikka i sommer kommer i løpet av morgendagen, ble lite bilder i sommer siden kamera og laptop ikke alltid samarbeider helt...

I'm back in the "big city", for my last year as a student i Trondheim.... Will update tomorrow with pictures of what I've been knitting this summer :)