10 mai, 2006

Update :)

Finally blogger let me back in so maybe I can update a bit now ? (no pictures, sorry, I'm supposed to work at the moment but I just can't concentrate in this greate weather).

My current projects are :

  • Babyshirt, size 0-3months from "Nøstebarn". A project for when I don't feel like thinking, I just knit back and forth now waiting for it to be long enough to start knitting arms... It's knitted top-down which I really like :)

  • A beautiful shawl, started this around easter (see picture in earlier post) but I'd made a mistake in the pattern and didn't have time to figure out what I'd done until now... I've finnished the first border now, can't wait for the number of stiches to decrease, at the moment I have way too many since you start with the border surrounding the whole shawl!

  • And finally I'm crocheting another shawl, doing this on the buss so it's just straight forward, increase two "squares" per round

I should start the tunisian crochet squares for may soon, will bring my yarn and hook when I go home for a week :)

Regner med de fleste forstår engelsk ? :) Jeg skriver oppgaven min på engelsk så når jeg bør jobbe fortsetter jeg bare på samme språk...

Skal prøve å komme meg på et lite tromegn treff i dag, men det spørs om det går... Syns dagen min blir bare mer og mer tettpakket etter 12! FØR 12 derimot har jeg "fri" (dvs bør skrive).

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