21 april, 2006

Before, after and during

This is what I did before, after and during easter breake :)

Hva jeg gjorde før, etter og i løpet av påskeferien :) Teksta bildene p� engelsk i dag, men hvis du ikke leser engelsk er det bare å se på bildene!

Before\finnished at the airport on my way home:

Here's the pattern


My hat, almost finnished, just missing the part which will be folded in... will finnish it on the buss so I've put it in with my laptop

Russian-socks ("Russesokker") in yellow and brown, knitted in childsize on bigger needles (fits me)... only need to weave in the ends (will do this weekend)

I started on this shawl, love the pattern... Will post pictures as I get further, but at the moment I'm knitting socks :P



I casted on on the plane back to Trondheim, the pattern doesn't really show on the picture, but it's this pattern

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