01 oktober, 2006

Magic Yarnball #2

Here's my lovely yarnball from the second round of the magic yarnball swap... If you want to give it a try, go to swapbot and sign up for the next round...

My ball and some vintage ribbon, before I started knitting :)

I've knitted all the red yarn, now it's only yellow cotton left... Don't quite know what to do with this, so I unwind the ball and figure out later what to knit.

Here's the hat, pre-felting, it's knitted from all the red yarn in the ball togehter with feltable whool yarn.

This is what the ball contained! Loads of lovely buttons, a few beads, a little pair of sisors, some pins and a small box containing sewinggoods... I just love the asian touch, there's a lot of asian inspired buttons and also the box has that sort of pattern... LOVE IT!!!

Here's the hat after felting... Still not dry so I didn't feel like taking my picture with it on, but I have tried it and it fits perfectly!

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