03 august, 2007

What I'm knitting

Jeg skriver kun på engelsk nå når jeg har dårlig tid, jeg regner med at dere norske lesere også forstår :)

My Mystery Stole 3, finnished Clue 4 last night and now I'm waiting for Clue 5 and the revealing of the theme! Can hardly wait, it's a shame I don't have time to sit here and wait for it!!!

I'm knitting in Alpacca in a deep chocolate brown, jummy!

What's this??????

It will hopefully be a pair of socks when I'm finnished. The challenge this month in Sokker2007 is to knit socks of your own design in leftover yarn... I just realised I mostly have dark sockyarn, and when I started with light stripes this might be interesting... Will hunt for more lightcolored yarn tomorrow!

As you can see I've started putting the fish-blanket together. I need a few more white fish to make the border in the other end... then I have to figure out what kind of pattern I can make with all my leftover yarn... I'm not buying any new yarn for this blanket!

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Fru Dart sa...

For en lekker farge du har valgt på Mystery Stole. Det blir rålekkert!