20 juli, 2006

Magic Yarnball-swap & Shedir :)

This is what I got from my swappartner, Shelly, in the magic yarnball swap :)
I love the color of the yarn, it's most correct in this picture... and the feel, it's sooo soft! It's Rowan Calmer, and I also got the pattern for Shedir... so I HAD to knit it while I was unravelling the ball of yarn!

This is what was in the ball of yarn...
Top row: Flower broche, smal postit, tea, lip balm, more small post it-notes... I like the idea of using the small post it to mark where I am when I knit diagrams! Bottom row: Flower stickers, monster magnetic bookmark, more flower stickers, more tea, and in the center of the ball I found a small box with stichmarkers, love them already! Kinda needed them when I started knitting :P

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